Some lovely stuffs you don’t know Cortana (Microsoft’s personal assistant) can do for you on Windows 10

When it comes to Windows 10, we can confidently say Cortana is proudly one of the most delicious features Microsoft presented to us. Practically, Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant being extended from from Windows Phone to the desktop. Surprisingly, many folks I have met don’t really know stuff they can do with Cortana. The reality is Cortana exceeds just a voice assistant either — Cortana also has the capacity to take questions and commands from you. Let us look some of the lovely abilities of Cortana.

Cortana is yet a secret wonder

You could open Cortana to have a better picture of the information Cortana feels you might be interested in. Cortana proffers bountiful quantity of passive information, too, she equally has the capacity of notifying you in instances where you may want to to leave so as to honour an appointment on time.

Well, don’t feel you can’t use Cortana yet here in Naija your country, you are very wrong as it is possible to enable Cortana irrespective of where you are in the world.

Cortana has a well sophisticated built-in reminder feature, yet there is much more you can enjoy with her reminder capacity which is more than just getting a reminder at a particular time.

You could employ the Reminders icon or say “Remind me” to begin something. It is possible to design a reminder and have Cortana beep you up over something at a very distinct time, it could be when you arrive at a particular location, or even when you have a conversation with a particular person. Try something sort of “Remind me to take my medication at 7pm” or something like “Remind me to buy rice when I arrive to [you can put the name of the store]” . At once she will create a reminder.

That is not all. Cortana has the capacity to help you identify a specific music.

Just in resemblance of Siri, and even Google Now, Cortana has the capacity to listen to a song playing close to you even pick it out. You may say “What is this song?” and Cortana will now deploy the services your microphone in listening to the song; then matching it to a very particular song. Very well, this is well compatible with recorded music; though we really doubt if it work with live music.

Also Cortana is very much capable of translations. You can ask Cortana “how do I say “I need to get to the airport in French”; and Cortana will translate it for you.

Now I hope you can enjoy your Cortana like the proficient personal secretary she is!

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