Samsung is stopping the production of the Galaxy Note7

At this very juncture, one may be almost justified to say that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 greedily takes the title of the biggest disappointment in the history of Android hardware. An unfortunate series of cases of high battery explosions have led to global recall of a number of Note 7 units running into millions. Yet this bold move by Samsung to fix the issue via a recall seems to have failed as even the “fixed” replacement phones have still been reported to be catching fire.

Samsung is stopping the production of the Galaxy Note7

Big American carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T have officially ceased sales of the Note 7 in the unfortunate crisis Samsung is embroiled in.

Following weeks of disastrous news after ridiculous news, Samsung may sadly accept the reality of a failed Note 7. We are already hearing from Korean news agency Yonhap that that Samsung is officially stopping the production of the Note 7, its flagship mobile device.

Though from our calculations, the halt will be short lived; we may still have a resumption in production of Note 7 after some critical engineering remedies to the exploding quagmire. Even in spite of this Note 7 disaster, Samsung is still the undisputed biggest producer of Android devices globally. Though its position may not be hurt by this Note 7 technological scandal, its reputation is sure to have received some hurting uppercut punches.

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