Search in Google Drive just got pretty smarter, helps you with misspelled words

It is true that when you are looking for files inside of Drive, it is very important to have a basic knowledge of what you are searching for. It could simply be a random .jpg or even .doc, and being aware of the precise name will surely help you with the results you so desire. But then when you don’t really precisely know the name, or say you want to go about a kind of broader search, with this update Google Drive is bringing in, you can with more ease do that.

Search in Google Drive just got pretty smarter, helps you with misspelled words

Starting now in Google Drive, you will enjoy Natural Language Processing, the short form of this is “NLP”. What this basically means is that search has an improved understanding of what you say just like you speak like a man. An instance of this is you intend searching, “locate my schedule spreadsheet from last November.” The results, you could be hoping for is supposed be every spreadsheets from the month of November. It is just one very easy straightforward plus, yet this is sure to be of immense advantage to any guy who chooses to use the search function in Drive.

This is not all, Drive is also rolling on the capacity to assist you when words are spelt incorrectly. Alright,almost just like we have in our Google Search, Drive will now make a recommendation of words to you if it feels you have made an incorrect spelling of something. This is not some “extra Waoh” but then a very significant addition for users.

Every of these changes we have mentioned are currently appearing on Drive.

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