Tutorial: How can I move my iPhone contacts to my Android phone via iCloud

For me I don’t really know whether it is congrats worthy or not moving from iPhone to Android. Well said both are tremendous platforms each special in each unique way. So now we are taking it in this guide that you moved over from iPhone to Android, so you will now be thinking of transferring your contacts off your iPhone over to your fresh Android phone.

So here we will be guiding you through the procedures of transferring your contacts from iPhone to Android.

To start with, I think you will be safer backing your iPhone to iCloud. If you are through with that, I guess you are ready for the next step. This will be exporting your vCard.

In case you don’t know what vCard is, in your iCloud Contacts, you can export a virtual (electronic) card, which is termed a vCard. This vCard carries your own information of contact or even more contacts. It is possible to attach these vCards to email messages, such that it is more convenient to share them with associates or friends.

So launch your web browser on your computer. It is worthy you note that this is not compatible with Chrome. So it is preferable you go with Safari or Firefox.

You will now move over to iCloud.com.

Then you will sign in via your Apple ID and password.

After that you can tap on Contacts.

Okay, the next thing will be you clicking on All Contacts which is appearing on the top left corner of your screen.

So click on the Command key as well as the A key on your keyboard all at the same time in the case where it is a Mac you have. If it is a PC you have, press the ctrl key at the same time with A key on your keyboard.

Next click on the Settings button appearing on the screens’s bottom left corner. Do you see it, it has the look of a gear.

So you can click Export vCard. At this point, every of nyour contacts will be saved as a .vcf file in the location of your downloads. This way should a new window displays, all you have to do is to once again select all of your contacts, after that right click, and finish again export.

How you can import contacts via Google Contacts

When you are through with this, you will now import your vCard via Google. In the case where you are not in possession of a Google account, simply sign up now. The truth is it is really required you have a Google account particularly for your Android phone. Should it be you already have set up your Android phone, it is possible you put up a Google account in course of that.

Alright so now on your computer, launch your web browser . At least this can be done on any web browser.

Good, now get signed into your Google account.
After that, you can simply click the Google apps button you see appearing in the top right corner of the screen.

Next tap on Click Contacts.

Choose by clicking Import Contacts which you can see on the bottom of the left menu.

Next take Choose File.

That is good. The following activity is clicking your vCard opening it from where could have saved it preferably in your downloads.

Okay take Import. After some very little seconds, we should be seeing every of your contacts.

At this point, you can choose to take Find and merge duplicates in the case where the red message comes at the top of the screen.

So you will take the option of Merge in the pop-up. Most time this is not always correct, it is safer you double-check your contacts just in case of duplicates.

That is it my people, I hope at the end you were successful in following this guide to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your new Android phone.

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