President Barack Obama says he wants self-driving cars

Technology is proudly the chariot pulling our civilization forward. So far man doesn’t have much to regret being evicted from the acclaimed garden of Eden as our noble scientists have so far from the laboratories almost simulated paradise.

President Barack Obama says he wants self-driving cars

The recent push we are having is self driving cars. And now President Obama is voicing his support for this technology for self driving car. The US president voicing his support says self-driving cars provide “safer, more accessible driving,” in addition to making way for “less congested, less polluted roads.” Further the President argues technology has the capacity to alter the lives of senior citizens and then the general world who harbor disabilities as to driving. This to him could greatly cut down the count of people who lose their lives to traffic accidents.


A wholesome fraction of the clamour for self-driving vehicles is coming from the US private sector — most particularly from companies who are working deep in the technology — yet the Obama’s article is well supportive of their potential. “Right now, too many people die on our roads — 35,200 last year alone — with 94 percent of those the result of human error or choice,” President Obama writes. “Automated vehicles have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives each year.”

So far self driving cars have at a quick pace graduated from a prospective innovation to a solid reality of the today. Even just last month Uber releases an announcement of a $300-million arrangement with Volvo to design a fresh model of automobile technology. Even globally innovators are investing billions of dollars into automobile vehicle technology.

Personally, I’m very much in support of self driving cars. At least the “roja” we give at roadblocks could end as the cars wouldn’t be programmed to stop for them.

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