Looking at the Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro smartphones HTC just announced

The end of the year is one very significant period of time for consumer electronics, for the fact that many people engage in buying buy their loved ones pretty costly new phones or possibly tablets in the festive spirit of the holidays. Thus, HTC in its customary strategy is releasing a series of of mid-range phones which HTC is aiming at the gift-buying culture of this period of the year.

Looking at the Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro smartphones HTC announced

One of these is the Desire 10. And from what we have seen so far, it is cool enough. It is divided into a two devices – the Lifestyle and then the Pro. Implying from the names, the Pro boasts improved specs, irrespective of what you want to use it for; the two fundamentally bear one look.

Alright, the Pro boasts a MediaTek processor and then the Lifestyle is rocking a Snapdragon 400, with its Pro presenting 3/4GB RAM as well as 32/64GB storage. And then the Lifestyle comes along with the 2/3GB and 16/32GB, in addition to a microSD support ranging up to 2TB on the two devices.

It appears the screens looks admirable for the two of them. We could in details point
that the 720p 5.5-inch display you have on the Lifestyle may look kind of low resolution if you put it side by side the 1080p 5.5-inch screen of the Pro .

Looking at the Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro smartphones HTC announced

Moving over to camera, both of them are commendable. We will agree that HTC has a habit of placing emphasis on cameras. This time we have 13MP front and 20MP rear for the Pro, and then 5MP front and 13MP rear for the Lifestyle. Both will do well to bring out impressive images. The front-facing cameras equally boasts the capacity to capture wide-angle selfie shots which HTC proudly tags ‘selfie panorama’.

Looking at the Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro smartphones HTC announced

From what you can see, the phones closely resemble each other.

Going to other features, we can confidently say both pass the basic standard although not exquisitely. The two devices have the capacity to Android 6.0 Marshmallow as well as HTC Sense. Most particularly, the Pro parades an ‘ultra-fast’ fingerprint sensor. Well the capacity is a kind of smaller when compared to the Lifestyle. This puts them 2700mAh compared to 3000mAh, well there is much left to say of battery life not paying dearly for this.

According to the plans of HTC, we expect the Lifestyle to be out by say September 28. And then for the Pro, it stands to be available by start of of November. The two HTC devices will come in four colours; Royal Blue, Stone Black, Polar White, and Valentine Lux .

For now we don’t really know much as to pricing. Let us see what HTC brings out all the same.

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