Relief at last: Google announces Gmail issue with Windows 10 Mobile’s Mail app is finally resolved

Google is announcing that an issue which had hindered the smooth operation of Gmail accounts to Windows 10 Mobile’s Outlook Mail client has been successfully resolved.

Relief at last: Google announces Gmail issue with Windows 10 Mobile's Mail app is finally resolved

For some time now, Windows 10 Mobile have been pretty furious as they repeatedly bemoan this issue some few weeks past. Window 10 Mobile users who had made attempts to to add a new Gmail account in the Mail app were whipped rather with the message a “Your browser isn’t supported”. Some small geeks however could find their way around this hitch in some crooked way. But then it was not an all round solution for it was restricted to emails as it was not compatible for for syncing calendar events neither contacts.

This weekend, a Google representatives posted on the company’s support forums rendering apologies for the hitches suffered so far as to this windows 10 mobile app Gmail problem. The representative went on now to announce Google has provided a working solution. In her words:

Sorry for this problem everyone, this was not intentional and has now been fixed. If you are still having trouble adding your Google account, please let me know.

However, the representative didn’t give much explanation to the root cause behind the problem.

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