Tutorial: How can I download WhatsApp and set up an account on Windows 10 mobile

Alright we all know about WhatsApp, sure if you don’t I doubt if you know the name of your president. Alright, so a lot of times I get requests from Windows 10 mobile users on how to download and get a WhatsApp account on their device. I must say this is not difficult at all (as you will get to see in course of this guide). To start with, we will have to download WhatsApp itself from the Microsoft Store.

So launch the Store from your home screen, another option is launching it from All apps. Okay just in case you are finding it hard to identify, it actually has this look of a blue shopping bag.

Now click the search button appearing on the top right of the screen. You have seen it? It is actually the magnifying glass on top.

Type “WhatsApp” into the field that pops up.

Guess you should have seen WhatsApp in the search results.

So select it and tap Install.
When you have finished the download process, tap open.

There you are, you have successfully downloaded WhatsApp!

So let us move over to how you could create your WhatsApp account on Windows 10 Mobile

It is as simple as the first step of downloading WhatsApp. Already I believe is now on your home screen. So this is how we will set up your WhatsApp account.

Simply Launch WhatsApp from the start screen.
Okay, having done that, click on agree followed this by tapping continue which you can see at the bottom of the screen.

Alright, click the field under “Your country”. From there you can make your selection of country. Guess it should be Nigeria, let’s try Canada in this guide; but feel free if yours is Haiti. LOL.

So next, insert your phone number in the field coming under “Your country code and phone number.”

After this, click on the next button which you can see at the bottom of the screen. The appearance is the arrow in the circle. You will now move on to the free service confirmation screen (before now, WhatsApp used to operate on $1/year, but they have since chopped off that policy).

Let us continue by tapping the next button which you can see at the bottom of the screen.
After this Tap ok. Automatically, WhatsApp will now add every of your contacts which you have saved on your phone who are already making use of the services of WhatsApp.

So we can now say you are ready to begin enjoying WhatsApp! At least you can still make additions of contacts and send messages and media all around the world. All this provided you have access to the internet!

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