More sauce from Microsoft:Bing for iOS now allows you search images by taking a photo

Microsoft has turned to its make-up box to apply some more cosmetics on Bing to increase its user-attraction. Microsoft aims to make Bing so “curvy” that it would be just too attractive to resist. With this, Microsoft is hoping to force those married to Google search into adultery with Bing!

Thus we are in line to receive a fresh update for Bing on iOS. This update would present a handy little trick. With this neat trick on hand, you could simply take a picture right inside the app, and then Bing will proceed with the rest of sending back a search for similar images.

Certainly, I will agree with you that for some time now, Google brought up something of this resemblance. Features like reverse image search, are both accessible on mobile and desktop and mobile. But the mobile search rather has its area of concentration on images already on the web, but here in the place of Bing’s update, it is rather more built around searching for something you just found out.

This could resemble Google Goggles more. If you remember, Google Goggles is an image search app that gives users in like manner the capacity to search after the use has taken a photo. But that only brings forth informative suggestions, and hasn’t really gotten an update for some time now. So should you be well interested in, some spoonfuls of Bing is what you should be savoring now.

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