Wonder Wonder: Samsung app to let premature babies hear their mothers

Motherhood is the foundation of existence. Nature reserves its best looms to weave the early bonds between mother and child. A mother’s arm is the baby’s first embassy; safe from the crisis of a new world: and the word “mummy” an incantation to get anything done. It has even be proven that a baby needs its mother’s voice for healthy brain development. the sound of their mother’s voice isn’t just comforting — it can be the key to healthy brain development.

Wonder Wonder: Samsung app to let premature babies hear their mothers

Samsung recognizes this, and how difficult it is for babies stuck in incubators to get in early bond with their mothers. As such Samsung will be launching the Voice of Life app which helps lets a mom make a recording of her heartbeat as well as her voice on her phone, even lullabies, after which she could remove the high frequencies ( same as the conducive sound the baby gets in the womb) for playback on a speaker at the baby’s side.

This will surely bring in that comforting sound in the middle of a neonatal care unit, this contributing immensely in helping parents establish connection to a child that may have been scarcely impossible in those very critical first weeks or months after birth.

Samsung made a release of a video about the app showing a small speaker set inside the baby’s incubator presumably which maintains connection to the app.

This is excellently wonderful. Though we can’t strictly lay our hands on when the app would be out.

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