Google updates its keyboard for Android to present one-handed mode

Google Keyboard has now added on a very notable update. This update would bring in a number of design improvements to include a one-handed mode, as well as the capacity for the user to make a resize of the height of keyboard to his own taste. To start with, an option is now available which would make of display borders around the keys; such that there is increased certainty of which one you’re tapping.

Google updates its keyboard for Android
Now this one-handed feature gives users the option to choose between the keyboard tailored for the right or left hand, and then equally introducing a very convenient means to toggle back to the full-sized version.

A new number icon appearing to the spacebar initiates an opening up of the conventional traditional phone-style number pad. There is increased ease thumbing at this one. Users can now enjoy have the option of sharing “small snippets” of input with Google to “improve Google Keyboard for everyone.” Most possibly, this has a connection into the keyboard’s suggestions as well as introducing more smartness into word prediction. The height of the keyboard’s height can be varied between five separate modes spanning across short to tall, presenting “normal” as the middle point which comes between them.

We still have some fresh intriguing features like some neat gestures. An instance of this is , just tapping and holding on to the spacebar, and then moving right or left so as to direct the cursor at greater speed much more easily. This very much has the look of Google’s alternative to Apple’s handy 3D Touch cursor control. We have seen this neat trick in third-party keyboards some time ago of course. Now is also the option of deleting full words rather than deleting single characters. This is simply done by sliding left from the delete key.

I must repeat it these are intriguing updates should you prefer the option of Google’s keyboard over alternatives on Android. We are also expecting Google to launch its keyboard to iPhone soonest.

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