Techtertainment: The Rock Launches Alarm Clock Mobile App tagged The Rock Clock

Success is gluttonous for sure. A few spoonful of success makes you hunger for for a gallon. Even if you have written our names in the pages of history, there is yet the chance to increase the font size in which your name is written. This is why chimney from your head should regularly be pumping smoke as your brain should always be on fire to maintain and fatten wealth. One thing is for sure, poverty is an untiring athlete and once slack you slow down, it must catch with you. No wonder The Rock wants more!

Techtertainment: The Rock Launches Alarm Clock Mobile App tagged The Rock Clock

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” particularly knows this, hence he is serving up his app introducing us to how he keeps his bank alerts coming in. The Rock has a habit of always being up by 4 am to start his day. Of course, you should know The Rock, the famous pro wrestler and eventual successful Hollywood actor. And now he wants more success as he releases his Project Rock app — an alarm clock. This one, he wants more success getting you more disciplined and successful too. This is more of a win-win situation.

The Rock now 44 launched the Rock Clock, which is a mobile app also filling in the role of a motivational alarm clock can now be gotten in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store. Going by his official statement, it was “designed to encourage people to chase greatness and fulfill their goals, no matter how big or small.”

Now this clock app presents a number of functions which are sure to get Rock’s fan base rocking. One particularly notorious feature of this app is that it is certain to get people waking up as early as they choose out of bed once as it sounds off: This is basically because clock doesn’t present the opinion of a snooze button. What is behind this? The Rock doesn’t share the belief that life has a snooze button, life doesn’t wait, so equally the Rock Clock should not present one.

The Rock Clock introduces the option to users to start their day waking up on “Rock Time”. You could synchronise this with The Rock’s schedule, so that you start your day equally with him when he wakes up. The clock gives the uses the opportunity to make a list of personal goals which would equally bring in a completion date as well as setting a morning alarm featuring 25 alarm tones. These tones were personally selected by The Rock. It gives the user the capacity wake up to motivational videos as well as messages which the Rock sends straight from his phone everyday to serve as a reminder of the user’s target severing as nutritious inspiration to get them done.

Techtertainment: The Rock Launches Alarm Clock Mobile App tagged The Rock Clock

“When millions of you shared your goals with me, it inspired an idea to create something to encourage you all to chase greatness. Pulling the best resources, we were able to make it happen,” Johnson said in a statement. “Our goals don’t accomplish themselves, and now you can get after them with the help of the Rock Clock.”

Truth is success is encrypted, and Hardwork is the hack code. What better way of learning how to be successful than from one with such obese success like The Rock. I’m sure to get this app anyway.

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