Microsoft cooking a fresh tasty call and SMS blocker for Windows 10 Mobile

For some time, Microsoft has put in hefty bunch of muscles to make the windows 10 mobile a rotund success. And now leaked screenshots have revealed that Microsoft has not pulled off its apron yet as it is already working on a new call and SMS blocker. These new updates are to be tagged ID & Filter. It is not yet clear when we will be officially having this update

The leaked screenshots for ID & Filter, are reported to possibly enjoy an integration into Windows 10 Mobile. It will work in a way such that it give users the functionality to block messages and calls straight from the phone of the user as well as the Messages app. ID & Filter will equally give users the premise to block calls from several kinds of businesses, which could include real estate agents, taxis, and many others.

In exception of a new UI (User Interface), users will enjoy the capacity to add the Microsoft Account as to realize syncing of the numbers as well as options across devices.

As we have earlier said, as of now, there is no official release date for ID & Filter. But from the way it appears, there is the possibility that Microsoft could release it to members of the Insider program in the shortest time to come, after which Microsoft could open it up all wide for all users of Windows 10 mobile.

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