Apple could let you unlock your Mac with Touch ID and an iPhone

Reports circulating about suggest that Apple has it hands forming an OS X feature which would introduce the functionality of Mac computers being unlocked by means of an iPhone’s fingerprint reader as well as Touch ID. Just in case you don’t know, Touch ID is biometric fingerprint authentication technology operated by Apple. When you make use of it, the Home button will be able to unlock your iPhone 5s as well as make authorization of your purchases on the iTunes Store. A capacitive ring goes about activating the scanner on contact which then takes a high-resolution picture of your fingerprint.

Apple could let you unlock your Mac with Touch ID and an iPhone

From the look of things, this would be previewed in June at Apple’s WWDC and then it could possibly arrive for consumers in the soonest time to come. It is also possible this would rely on Bluetooth LE, just in resemblance with how unlocking the iPhone can unlock the Apple Watch without requesting you to fill in a passcode on the watch screen.

I would say this appears as unappealing as Knock. If you remember Knock the app that allows you use either your Apple Watch or phone to perform the unlocking of your Mac. That software has its operation by having you make the installation of an app on your computer, inputing your password there, after which you would gesture on either the watch or phone to initiate the unlock. This new OS X feature would enable the removal of the need to install biometric identifiers straight within Mac computers, just like Windows PC makers have exactly done.

It is also possible this unlock feature could be connected to an Apple Pay integration for web browsers, which stands the solid chance feature of coming up on OS X 10.12. This could introduce the convenience of you paying for items on the web by easily making the confirmation of a purchase with just your fingerprint on the iPhone.

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