Microsoft boasts that Edge bests rival browsers in video quality

Sometimes markets are conquered with words not design. Just like Jose Mourinho wins trophies with tactics and mind games, sometimes you need more of an armed tongue than a baffling design to kidnap the attention of consumers. Sometimes you need to boast, your chest has to be one loud talking drum which you should eagerly beat to get consumers dancing to your rants.

Microsoft boasts that Edge bests rival browsers in video quality

Thus Microsoft is boasting again that its Edge browser is the most delicious ever served around in the market. What Microsoft points out to be juicy icing on the cake is the quality of video that you can watch. Some time ago, Microsoft had officially tested the efficiency of the browser’s power efficiency. Now it is out to prove that Edge boasts the capacity to remain power efficient even when delivering higher-quality video.

In course of a test, Microsoft arrived at the analysis that Netflix sent video to Edge at both higher resolution and bitrate than it did to other rival browsers. According to Microsoft:

In our video tests, not only was Microsoft Edge the most power efficient, but the premium video site we used also sent higher resolution and bitrate video to Microsoft Edge compared to the other browsers.

The fact that Microsoft Edge received 1080p content in our power test means it actually ran a somewhat higher power draw than it otherwise would have playing 720p content like the other browsers. Microsoft Edge provided the highest quality content and also delivered the longest battery life.

Microsoft’s argument is built around the notion that its content protection system is much improved as to protecting content from those that could possibly engage in its piracy with the tools being built right into Windows 10. With system access and code close to the hardware, Microsoft asserts that Edge and Windows 10 has enhanced ability to render improved protection to digital content in a way which is acceptably more efficient.

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