Twitter to get more handsome with support for GIFs up to 15MB

Counting just some years back, the more popular and mainstream social sharing websites which can be said to include Facebook and Twitter didn’t boast support for GIFs. It is safe to say that then GIFs were just up and coming and were gradually creeping up to prominence in their use as reaction posts and memes. Back since 2002, GIFs had sprang up from the dust as embeddable moving images which can be inserted into PowerPoint slideshows.

Twitter to get more handsome with support for GIFs up to 15MB

From that interval, fast forward into the modern day, GIFS have increasingly become a more dominant mainstream for the added juice they contribute for being much easier when it comes down to sharing a quick video clip which will not really need audio or use captions instead.

Now Twitter plans to raise the tempo of the gain and increase the carriage capacity of GIFs. In line with this vision, Twitter is rolling out heavy plans to raise the curtains of GIF; ramping up the GIF limit size to a stunning 15MB.

Certainly, many sites might provide compatibility up to 5MB per GIF. Though a handsome number of GIFs have need not be that big. But in face of the refreshing lift in the limitation, we could now be entertained to more GIFs coming in improved quality and resolution.

We must commend Twitter for this move.

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