5 Interesting Blogging Hacks you Should Know

Blogging is on rage, and people love to spend time on the internet. People do blogging for two reasons, one is for passion and other for earning. When you take up blogging as a passion, you can afford to update it regularly and just wait and watch, but everyone needs recognition and if you are here to make it big then you got to know the tools and details involved in blogging. Blogging now, is just not the platform to reflect your thoughts but to voice out your technical knowledge too. You need to know few blogging hacks before getting into it.


  1. Google, Google and Google

Google is not only a search engine, but it has become the god of all internet. If you wish to become a pro-blogger then keep your blogging strategies and practices, all as per terms and conditions of Google.

Google webmaster: can give you detailed insight of the tools and knowledge of expert blogging practice. Through webmaster, you can manage your blogs.

Google Analytics: as per its tag line, it provides total insights of data related to your website.

Google Adwords: for making any blog reach out the huge number of people, you should have an insight to the words people are searching, most frequently. Google Adwords is one such tool, which provides with such details related to the niche of your blog.

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  1. Plagiarism Checker tools

For being a successful blogger, all you need is original and fresh content. For being a top ranked blog or making money by blogging, you should generate contents that are completely plagiarism free. For checking your write ups, you can use sites such COPYSCAPE, it is paid tool. There are many free tools available on net.

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  1. SEO tools

Knowledge of SEO is the must for attracting traffic to your blog. Search Engine Optimization involves details of traffic, domain authority, page rank checking, backlinks and many more. For regularly getting updates on your site stats, you should install SEOquake which is integrated with your browser and can provide you with the details of any website you visit.

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  1. Writing tools

Article spinning, copy of other’s work is complete no in writing world. But, yes use of writing tools such as Windows Live Writer is always welcome as such tools help you with spell check, professional formatting pattern, ease of adding pics and reviewing it before publishing an easy job.

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  1. Cloud back up

Though backup is not the part of actual blogging, but hard work is always a thing to treasure and value. Dropbox, Box, Copy are few cloud backups that can help you preserve your hard work in case of any crash.

Along with all these important tools, you can find innumerable tools to support the bloggers to make it a hit job. Not only basic SEO tools, but email marketing, discussion platforms, video marketing, audio- PODcast, infographics are required for making a successful blog. For supporting all these activities to publicize your work, you can find innumerable tools on the net. All you have to do is searching the best one that suits your need and expertise.

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