HP Luxury Smartwatch Built with Michael Bastian

Take a look at the HP’s luxury smartwatch built in collaboration with fashion designer Michael Bastian.


It is no news that the ovens baking our civilization these days are always steaming. The chefs at our labs are always toasting inventions, we lick our fingers after in anticipation of a savoury Android, iOS, or Windows delicacy. Our wildest imaginations are becoming the biggest realities as science continues to keep us in suspense in this cinema called life.

Sure now we have smart wristwatches, we could make calls, text, or even browse from our wristwatches with a well peppered music meal- all from the wristwatch!

HP is now partnering with a retailer called Gilt to build an iOS, Android compatible smartwatch which is a perfect combo of function and beauty with Michael Bastian, a US designer! He is expected to undertake the design, which would present a stainless steel case with 44mm dimensions as well as swappable bands. We could have the olive green nylon brand, brown leather, a limited edition and a black rubber version.


Bastian informs us that the initiative was borrowed from the interior features of luxury automobiles  like the trim and dashboard.

HP intends presenting the smart wristwatch package with services like calling, texting, emails and other notifications, apps and other user controls. The device promises to be adaptable to other platforms not necessarily Android. It could be presented this fall, though, pricing, memory and type of display are yet to be published by the company.

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