Microsoft Drags Samsung to Court Over Contract Infringement

Microsoft filed a case against Samsung Electronics in a US court over breach of contract. The lawsuit accuses the Samsung of not paying for cross-licensing of technology.


Samsung defenders are already chanting their battle songs as they are been drawn to war with Microsoft in court. Both parties have dug their trenches in the court as they prepare to exchange legal artilleries in the court of law.

Microsoft accuses the South Korean company (who are the leading Android device makers having one in every four Android device) of contract infringement. The dispute involves technology included in Android, the Google operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

“After becoming the leading player in the worldwide smartphone market, Samsung decided late last year to stop complying with its agreement with Microsoft,” said David Howard, deputy counsel for Microsoft’s in an online post.

Microsoft owns patent rights over designs like multiple windows in a Web browser which are now believed to be paraded in Samsung without appropriate financial acknowledgements. Operating from a 2011 deal, Samsung pays undisclosed amount to Microsoft for each tablet and Android phone it successfully sells.

“We will review the complaint in detail and determine appropriate measures in response,” a Samsung spokesperson said.

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