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Ahh.. The iPhones. Attention grabbers, status symbols and what not. People love to own it, flaunt it and use it. The features and details of the iPhone are such that the more you know about it, the more you feel like purchasing it. It is not only the case of purchasing an iPhone, but talking about it is also the in thing. Rumors, news and what’s new in iPhone series are sought after by people.

iphone 6 preview

From the day iPhone 5S was launched discussions started on what next. Finally, Apple is almost ready with the new in the series phone. It is said that Apple has organized a big media event on the 9th of September and it is most likely to unveil iPhone 6S in that event.

Expected Price: It is said that price of Apple iPhone 6S will range in with its previous edition iPhone 5S. Most probably ranging between 549 pounds to 709 pounds.

Expected Design: Design will be completely different from models of iPhone 5 and iphone 5S. Apple is wishing to change the look and match with next generation phones.

If rumors are correct, then the back panel of iPhone 6S would be made up of aluminium. It will be thinner compared to iPhone 5S with rounded edges. From all the sources, the available detail on screen size is 4.7 inches so it can be considered as true.

Another feature change would be relocation of power button which will shift from top of the phone to the side, just like all other handy phones.

Gold, Silver and Black are the signature colors of the iPhone, so it is expected to continue with the same legacy.

Use of Sapphire glass and liquid metal is expected for reduction of weight which will maintain the durability as it is.

Internal upgrades: M7 chip will be upgraded to M8 which will keep track of iWatch without draining of battery.

A7 processor will be replaced by A8 though end users won’t be experiencing much change as already A7 processors are too fast in operation.

iPhone 5S is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB versions. Be prepared for the 128 GB version in iPhone 6S though it may be a pricey affair. Already Retina iPad and iPad Air were having 128 GB model.

The color quality will be enhanced with the quantum dot technology.

Better WiFi compatibility with 802.11ac WiFi and Broadcom chip.

Wireless charging is also rumored though it is tough to expect.

NFC inclusion is also a big rumor as Apple is already having its AirDrop and iBeacon.

The battery could be bigger to support bigger display compared to iPhone 5S.

A better quality camera is also expected in newer version of iPhone 6S.

iphone 6 preview shape

Thus, all rumors and truths will be tested on 9th September. Though speculation of release on 9th September is also not certain. Since there are no invitations sent officially from Apple or any release in press issued for the release of this most awaited series of iPhone.

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