Ways to Share Files Between Mobile Phones and Computers

The world is getting smarter and so is the technology. The whole world is getting wrapped in your fist in the form of a mobile device, which is carrying all required technologies in form of Apps and internet. A smart phone or android phone is carrying internet and a long list of applications that can drive your business, home and your entire life. But, still there are cases when you need to have your laptop or computer in hand to perform certain tasks. In such cases, it becomes a tedious task to transfer files from mobile to computer. Let us have a look at various measures of transferring files from this valued smart phones to our working stations.

share files betwen phones and computers

Email: The simplest thing that any layman can think is typing a mail to yourself attaching files and opening it on your computer. This way, you will be saved from attaching cables.

USB cable: You can connect the USB cable to your phone to your laptop and it will show your phone as just another drive in the computer. This way you can work on the file or transfer it.

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Go for wireless transfer: In case of Android phones, you can install AirDroid app. This app gives you facility to open your phone in a browser. Windows networking or setting up FTP server can also help to access the files in your computer. Web.android.com can be opened on the mobile and after scanning the QR code connection is setup between the two devices.

Text snippets can be transferred through Google Keep. Just copy the text and keep it inside and it will be immediately available on the phone. Even IOS or MAC users are not forgotten, they can do the same with Scribe or BeamApp.

If you wish to go for a common application which can be used for all such as phone, computer or phone to phone then select Push Bullet. It is very useful in case of transfer of web pages, text notes, map directions, and even small text files.

Cloud storage: Dropbox, It is an application that can save your documents and pictures on its server and it can be opened in both mobile and computer. So you can simply upload your document in Dropbox and download it your computer. Same is the case with Google drive, sky drive or few other cloud storages available.

Network drive apps for Apple Users: Good Reader and Documents are apps which can be seen in your computer as a separate drive and it can help to download or save files. It can help to move files from  computers to ipad and iphone (or vice versa) over the local Wi-Fi network..

Lenovo in the market: Lenovo has developed an app called ShareIt which shares files and everything else between your Android, iOS and Windows PCs. It works on the principle of creating network on Bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other data connections. All you have to do is connect system to the network.

URL share: If you open a file in app such as JustBeamIt (Android), it generates URL of the file and all you have to do is open the URL in your computer and it will transfer the file over a P2P connection.

BitTorrent Sync: It automatically syncs folder between iphone, ipad, Windows, MAC or Androids. Just put the file in folder of one device under BitTorrentSync and it will appear in other devices.

Here, we have tried to share different technologies used for sharing files from mobile to computer. There are many apps which supports different platforms such as InstaShare, Any Send, Apple’s AirDrop, Send Anywhere that can make your work simple and allow you to share files from mobile to mobile or mobile to computer. But, yet you have to select apps as per your platform.

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