Top 10 Websites to Learn Coding Online

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As we know that the world is getting technically as each day is progressing. There is no bar in acquiring knowledge. Every facet of life is covered with one or more technology innovations. In such cases, you have to deal technically with the things that are technologically innovated. Even if you are using a computer, you should know how to use it. Then comes how to use the MS package or design a vision document.


It is observed that when you learn something, you develop a skill related to that particular thing. As it is said that students of engineering have better logical skills compared to other graduates. Same way, it is getting necessary to know coding, even a little bit for every technical user. Earlier, it was the case that huge amount of fees was charged for the training. In order to help you out with all this code things, lots of websites were launched. These websites will help you learn programming at your own pace in the comfort of your web browser.

  1. Code Academy: It is the first preferred choice for any new learners. Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, API for twitter are the languages that you can learn from this site. It has the best easy learning system which teaches you step by step. Here, you can type in one window and see the output in another.

  2. Girl Develop: A special site for girls which is a non profit organization. This program is concentrated to bring woman around the world on the same platform and educate them for making a career.

  3. Code Racer: Here, you can check your expertise as already a coder and as a newbie you can learn through gaming. You can develop a website through HTML and CSS.

  4. Code School: A website with well developed online courses on coding.

  5. Treehouse: If you are comfortable learning through online videos then this is the place for you.
  6. GirlsWhoCode: Concentrated on females, this group is seeing the future projection. Today, maximum companies have girls in their assets of brain power. They have a slogan of educate, empower and equip.

  7. This is also a very good website for beginners. It covers Web building, CSS, HTML, Server building and XML tutorials. It is well defined tutorials and references.

  8. This site can make you a professional. You can select from courses by topic or courses by products. Today’s latest courses such as Sharepoint, hybrid cloud, private cloud and many more are covered on this site. You can become a mobile application developer if you follow course on this site.

  9. Fan of Then go to this site. Today the major portion of the market is covered with, share point or PHP. In this case if you want to dedicatedly learn then go to this site.

  10. Tynker, Hopscotch and Scratch: If you want to make your kids technocrat, then go to this sites. It is a fun way to learn coding with games and can be installed in iPad.

So, become a coder or check your expertise and explore the world of technology. This handy tools can satisfy your curiosity of what is going on in technology world.

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