Google Acquires Emu, An Intelligent Messenger

Emu Messenger is a popular messaging application within the iOS and Android operating system. This application takes the messaging between two people to a different level as it provides the sharing of your location to your close ones with the use of ‘Marco-Polo’ feature. It provides the ease of getting and giving traveling directions on the phone which makes it a different application among the hundreds. It has the feature of acting like a personal assistant with an equal performance, just like Siri of Apple and Google Now of Android. The developer of the application is an ex-Google and ex-Apple which makes the messaging application to have some similarity with Siri and Google Now of Apple and Google. But, sadly the messaging application has now been acquired by Google and is going to shut down its operations after 25 August 2014. EMU will mostly emerge in form of new application or merged with existing Google messaging apps.

google acquires emu messenger

An Upgrade For Google

The Emu debuted in Android last year and made a significant success in the messaging battleground. The takeover can act as the upgrade for the Google Hangout by using the technology of the messenger which is nowadays becoming a popular and many features offering communication hub which is also offers video calling for the Android users and messaging is the new battleground where no one wants to lose. Emu messenger’s technology can be of great benefit to Google as it can be also used for their Google Now in order to increase the efficiency of the application.

Technology Of Emu

The messaging application is popular among its users for the Siri and Google Now like capabilities providing the user to have a personal assistant who learns from the daily activities of the user such as common locations, search queries etc and acts as an artificial intelligence engine for the users. The application is an IM but has the different features which differentiate it among the others. Emu messenger is a mixture of both messaging and personal assistant which makes the application a good one to use for the Android and iOS users.

google emu messenger

The Push Needed For Google Hangout

As the news in technology sector is that the Emu messenger’s technology can be used for the Google Hangout, which can be of great use for and the push needed for making it popular among the masses which is tried hard nowadays by Google both on the web and mobile. People won’t be surprised in future if Hangout possesses some capabilities of Emu. Now, Emu is owned by Google which makes its technology, their dispose.

emu messenger

To Focus On Messaging

The new place for battle among the tech companies is for the messaging applications which are motivating the companies to do big to sustain. Companies like Apple are laying their emphasis and focus on the development on iMessage with their iOS 8 update for the devices like iPhone, iPad etc with features like addition of images, audio to the message, refining of group chats by user etc as to make their impact o the messaging industry.


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