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You are an internet user and you don’t know Wikipedia? A hard to believe stuff. Do you remember the search operations you carry on the Google pages and the first page that appears? Yes, that is Wikipedia.

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So far, it has overtaken encyclopedia Britannica with 4.5 million articles. Wikipedia has become a skill or marketing strategy on the internet. We have tried to incorporate a few points that can make you Wikipedia aware.

Downloading Wikipedia

You can download a Wikipedia DVD with some 6000+ articles school children from You can download Wikipedia through Kiwix and same zip file for downloading is available on BitTorrent.

Convert Wikipedia pages to PDF ebooks

Wikipedia is equipped with book creator, you can create a PDF ebook or an ePUB with it.

Want to rank your site

If you want to rank your page on Google then go for creating links to Wikipedia. Keep in mind that Wikipedia pages are continuously updated so create a link to the current page.

Images from Wikipedia

All images on Wikipedia have a particular copyright tag which is like a license. So before using any image, study the terms and conditions of its prior. This page has more information on reusing content outside Wikipedia.

RSS Feeds on Wikipedia Pages

To get the RSS feed of an article on wikipedia, click the “History” tab on any Wikipedia page and you’ll find RSS icons in the left toolbox.

Contribute to the Wiki

Microsoft word is the best writing tool so far. Use it at your ease. You can always find a solution to any problem and internet is the biggest savior one can have. Go to this link, for converting it to a Wiki format. Convert HTML to wikitags is also available tool. Use this link.

Wikipedia is such a happening thing on web that huge number of interesting tools are designed around it.

Deletionpedia: Just the way its name suggests. The pages that are deleted are archived here.

Wikipedia Vision: I must say a real cool stuff. Have an eye on interesting stuff that is editing of Wiki pages across the world in real time. Have an insight on the popularity of Wikipedia. Get data on daily visits

User Edits: User wise details, like what changes he made to Wiki pages.

User Contribution: User centric tool. Get data on which user created or edited the articles

Edit List: you can find here the active users who are continuously engaged in updating Wiki articles

Count List: Get the count of active users by number of articles they contributed.

Wiki Blame: What the name suggests? Want to find a specific change author on the Wiki, then go for this option

Wiki Checker: this one is article centric. Means how many users edited a particular article.

Wikistream: A tool which is very much similar to Wikipedia Vision.

So you are ready with all Wikipedia contribution and writing details. Even if you are just a Wikipedia follower or you find things on Wikipedia worth then, this page is specially created for you.

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