Poor Phone Signals? Follow These 4 Tips to Improve It

Experiencing network failure in the middle of a very important call can be very infuriating. You may overlook this if it happens for the first time. However, if the poor reception and dropped calls continues, then your phone signal may probably be the problem. As usual, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal offer tips on how you can improve or boost a weak phone signal.


Avoid Obstructions

If you want to get a very excellent phone signal, you have to avoid obstructions like skyscrapers, Hills, mountains and trees. They actually contribute to poor signal reception. If you are located in a mountainous area, you can climb the top of the mountain. You can also trim trees.  Just look for a way to avoid these barriers.

Keep your phone away from other devices

Having gadgets around you can actually jam your signal thereby affecting your phone signal. Just step away from your laptop, and iPhone as well as switch-off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hot spot among others. You will definitely notice an appreciable improvement in the signal.


If you keep experiencing poor signal and you have called your customer service provider to complain about their signal, you can ‘port’. Port in Nigeria simply means switching to another network provided while still retaining your number. For example, your signal is poor in Ogun state you can move to another more effective network provider in the state.

Signal Boosters

Signal boosters as the name implies helps boost weak phone signals. When a signal is weak the booster’s job is to boost the signal then rebroadcast it to your phone and other devices.

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