Play the Hidden Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger

Many apps nowadays are filled with Easter eggs; from android itself to Chrome, to Mozilla, and now Facebook messenger. With the recent update to Facebook Messenger, they added a game that takes some specific steps to play. Just ride with me on this one and you should be playing this game in no time. First things first, you gotta update the messenger app from the play store. Once that is done, send the basketball emoji to a friend (not  the sticker! the emoji). Tap on it and you should see the screen change to a basketball court.

How to play the game and things to note:

  • Flick the ball upwards to score
  • Once you miss, your score resets
  • If you can get ten points, the hoop starts moving; making it harder to score.

Now you have something to occupy you while you wait for bae to reply your message 😀

Lets see if you can beat my high score; mine is 13, and this is proof:



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