iFlop at iPhone SE event

We all know the iPhone SE  event was one of the most important Apple events of the year which means two things: Big announcements – even if its for small phones, and a large audience – which would be a pretty damning place to make a wrong statement. Nonetheless, such a statement was made, though at the time it might have been laughed off as a joke, further scrutiny brings up some appalling facts. The statement was made by Phil Schiller; he found it sad that over 600 million PCs in use are over five years old.


Now, on normal grounds, only two reasons would make someone retain a 5 year old computer.

1. They cannot afford to get a new one

2. They don’t need a new one. Either way, its looking pretty bad for Apple’s image. Taking them one at a time: If they cannot afford a new one, it means Schiller just mocked the poor!


Take a look at the price of those things!!! The least of them goes for about $600 and for us here in Nigeria with the current currency issue, that’s a whole lotta money folks! If they want people to upgrade, they should make their products affordable! But no, they won’t! Instead they take jabs at those who would rather stick with their trusty albeit old systems.

Secondly, with $600 I’m sure I would get a pretty good PC that I would damn well enjoy, rather than spending it on a device that the same company would advice me to change after a year or two! Dammit Apple!

They Don’t Need An Upgrade I’m my opinion, buying a PC is quite a wise choice considering the fact that you could switch out the parts for newer components as they are released if you don’t want a complete overhaul.

Another reason would be that Apple doesn’t quiet give people a reason to buy these $1000 devices. Sure you might argue that they have great screen resolutions which is great for artists and such, but most of these people are not artists and they honestly don’t care! And I’m sure I could get a device with probably better specs but a little worse screen for almost half the price! Now you see that whichever way you want to spin this, Schiller one jab too many.

If you would love to watch the clip yourself, you could do so here – skip to about 46:18. I’m pretty sure I’m unbiased (even though I don’t own an iPad), but do let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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