Facebook will no longer support BlackBerry’s OS

Facebook is hitting it hard this time as it is discontinuing support for BlackBerry’s mobile operating systems. This will certainly give BlackBerry owners no other choice but to use the social network’s mobile website should they choose to maintain the preference of assessing it on the the go.

Lou Gazzola who offcially happens to be BlackBerry’s senior marketing manager for developer relations, made the sad announcement of the news via means of a blog post. If we remember just back in February, Facebook-owned WhatsApp also publicly declared it is dropping support for Blackberry 10 as well as other BBOS apps by the tail end of 2016.

Blackberry going down?

Blackberry going down?

Quoting Gazolla”We are extremely disappointed in their decision, as we know so many users love these apps. We fought back to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to change their minds, but at this time, their decision stands,”. “Despite this, we have worked hard to ensure that our end-users have the best experience in light of this decision, and we are continuing to search for alternate solutions.”

Gazzola reveals Facebook is shutting down support for its “essential APIs”. The sad implication of this is that BlackBerry’s third-party apps will no longer function. Their is no clear certainty yet when Facebook would be initiating these plans; but then from from we have learnt so far, the procedures to go about this are already kicking in place as we Facebook plans to do this, or if the process has already begun; both BlackBerry-made Facebook apps could still he gotten from the BlackBerry World app store. Blackberry’s future is so tied to the success of this its new Blackberry Priv.

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