Very Vital Tip: Do You know Placing Your iPhone Face Down Will Save Your Battery Life

The iOS 10 is a wonder all well recording amazing adoption among the Apple community. But a fat percentage of us are still sticking with the iOS 9 especially here in our lovely country. For that percentage, we are bringing in this crucial tip you may have not really heard about. Formally it is more tagged as “Facedown detection”. That is your iPhone can tell its position if it is placed facing down. With the iPhone in this state, it will not turn the screen on even in the case of arrival of notifications. For sure, this extensively goes a long way in saving a chunk of battery power in the case where you are regularly on the receiving end of notifications.

Very Vital Tip: Do You know Placing Your iPhone Face Down Will Save Your Battery Life

Well we may see this technology kind of quite more complex, but then the tip basically remains simple. In the situation where you place your iPhone face up on a table, you will notice that screen will at once turn on in any instance you get a fresh notification on your lock screen. Thus from there, you could choose to peek at the notification without essentially giving it a touch.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in seeing the iPhone’s notifications when they come, you simply have the option of placing your screen in a position face down. Even in this position, you will hear notification sounds thus you will still have your phone vibrating. But then, when a notification comes in, it will no longer automatically turn on your screen. This for sure is going to economise your battery opower.

Well before we had the iOS 9, you remember your iPhone’s screen will get powered on in any instance where you get a notification; it doesn’t even matter if it is in a face down position. That way, there was nothing special in placing your iPhone face down, unless you wish not to be disturbed with the sight of the notifications. This was quite unfortunate as placing your phone downward would not keep the screen from turning on, such that it uses just equal battery power it would if you had put the iPhone face up.


But then in the habit of a number of iOS features, this facedown detection feature may not necessarily be compatible with every iPhone. For this particular facedown feature, you can only enjoy it on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

It is therefore not compatible with the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5,the iPhone 5c, or any other other previous model of the iPhone. Also we don’t have it on iPod Touch devices or even iPad.

Facedown detection strictly requires some particular hardware on the ground that it employs the technology of motion coprocessor. This finds use in the step tracking feature of your iPhone. Thus it will not work if that feature is off. Thus when you navigate to Settings > Privacy > Motion and Fitness and you take the option of disabling the “Fitness Tracking” feature, this will put a stop to the working of facedown detection thus your iPhone will now have its screen turned on for every instance you get a notification, irrespective of you setting the face down on a surface.


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