YouTube is changing, check out these changes to the comment section

As for the YouTube comments section, there is very slim chance you will come across a more increasingly annoying hive of scum. It is not really easy just making do with the disjointed moderation tools. Well, our torture will not last any much longer as YouTube has drafted hands to the desk to address this. From what we have seen on their Creator Blog, YouTube is rolling on quite a number of improvements to the mode of moderation of comments.

YouTube is changing, check out these changes to the comment section

With what we will be having soonest, YouTube creators will gain the capacity to blacklist some selected phrases of words. This way comments violating the list would need manual approval. This is not all, creators have the option of climbing on to YouTube’s almighty algorithm which defines which specific comments are “potentially inappropriate,” thus withholding them for approval.

We have quite a number of public-facing changes to YouTube comments too. There is the avenue for creators to now pin a precise comment to the top of the comments section. This is very close to what we have on Reddit. For ease of recognition, the name of the channel in comments will now come along with a red outline. And at last for now, creators have the capacity to now drop hearts on comments for public acknowledgement of such comments.

From what we are seeing, these changes are still being rolled out. I didn’t really see much of them on my channel yet. But then, there is the strong hope that with these changes properly kicking, there will be that improved flavour for the YouTube comment section.

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