Samsung beginning Android Nougat beta program for the Galaxy S7 edge

You are justified saying Samsung has a bad reputation of not regularly releasing major firmware updates. This is not too good considering that Samsung has a lot of phones with the phones coming on with a huge number of software modifications. But then we have a little relief as in no distant time however, Samsung will be launching a beta program with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Here handpicked users will be able to go about installing the Android Nougat update for beta testing.

Samsung beginning Android Nougat beta program for the Galaxy S7 edge

So when you are on a beta program, you have the privilege of trying out the most recent software. These software of course can be reeking with malware and glitches, you will be the one pointing these minuses in the software. This program beginning in the UK has the prospects of being extended far outside the UK.

Although on the official side, the beta program has not yet been announced formally just yet Samsung but there has been a thread where you could go about downloading the “Galaxy Beta Program” app. This could be seen of the ‘Galaxy Apps’ store. For now if you try installing it on naija, it could be showing you server errors. For now it is only users in the UK that are being able to with good success register for the time being.

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