Vine is not going down yet as Twitter looks to sell it

You should know Vine, Twitter’s famous 6-second video platform. If you remember some time last month, reports were very vehement that Twitter was bent on killing off Vine. However, in a sharp contrast to the expected end, fresh reports are suggesting that the days of vine may not really be terminated soonest. What Twitter could be looking at now is the possibility of maintaining the lifespan of vine but this time with a new owner. Yes, the strong reality is that Twitter is already bracing up to the possibility of selling Vine.

Vine is not going down yet as Twitter looks to sell it

For now, we can’t precisely place our fingers in what companies are looking to buy Vine. But one likely candidate still is LINE, a foremost gaming and Japanese messaging company. From what we are hearing, Twitter is engaging in concrete talks with five seriously interested buyers.

Now moving on to the what these potential buyers are bringing to Twitter’s table, it may not really be that big something in the category of $10 million, this is definitely chicken change for Twitter. Twitter may be already spending that much as operational cost of running Vine (pertaining to both its work force and infrastructure) every month.

Well while the talks of Twitter entirely shutting down generated sparkles, we look forward to how these talks of acquisition end.

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