Hurray: You will soon be able to live stream with YouTube’s mobile app

It is no big revelation that Facebook Live as well as Twitter-owned Periscope are really in flames now, warming deliciously the desires of its consumers. The two services give just anyone the functionality to live stream… with no reservation as this has been pumping in goodies for both lately; including racking up their popularity.

Hurray: You will soon be able to live stream with YouTube's  mobile app

Now the giant in the game has chosen to follow in the same steps taking up the challenge. We are talking YouTube here as the Google’s property has done live streaming since far back 2011, “before it was cool” as YouTube is notorious for reminding us. Yet the ugly head rearing when it comes to that of YouTube is that only special events have ever enjoyed their own live streams on YouTube.

I feel privileged to be the harbinger of goodnews that this will be changing “soon”. Yes, what this means is that Google will at last enable YouTube’s mobile apps get compatible with the live streaming functionality rubbing shoulders with Periscope and Facebook in terms of live-streaming. Actually I’m deserted of answers as to why it took so long to happen.

So now when this functionality gets to you, your eyes will catch the red floating action button appearing in the bottom right side of your YouTube mobile app now become a Record function (at present, it has the function of uploading already shot videos). So when you catch sight of the new button, simply click on it and you go live – well, that is after you have made a selection of a picture for the purpose of a thumbnail. You have the option of deciding who will see your broadcast, if you allow chatting, as well as if you want to dismiss notifications to your subscribers that you are going live.

While you are broadcasting live, comments will pop up on top of your video feed, just in the same fashion we have on Periscope. So when you terminate a live session, it will yet be up for grab to people in the same manner we have all of your pre-recorded videos. Mobile live streaming videos will enjoy every of the features of the regular videos,what this implies is that you will be able to search for them, and then locate them via recommendations as well as playlists, even locking then from unauthorized uses.

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