Google Photos now suggests deleting the backups when you delete photos from your phone

Google Photos is yet making concerted efforts to come to the best approach as to reconciling your locally stored photos with your cloud photos in the most convenient, smooth and least disturbing way. Since the last year we had its launch, Google Photos had made deleting photos, from inside the app itself, an activity carried out at the same time between cloud and local storage. Then it brought in the supposed convenience of emptying phone’s storage in the circumstance where you have already backed up photos, this done to keep you from running out of space on your phone.

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And now we have a fresh feature that has been rearing its head up since the latest update to version 1.23 of the app. This feature presents the capacity to sync deleted photos. To explain further, say you took a few photos on your phone and then they are already backed up to Google Photos. Then you go through another gallery app (maybe for example you use the Samsung or LG or HTC Gallery apps or another third-party client) deleting the ones you don’t have intention of keeping, the images would still be backed up in your Google Photos account.

Now, Google Photos really has one wise head to perceive that this has happened, prompting a suggestion asking if it removes them too. To explain further, it may be that you were actually deleting a couple of photos that you really don’t want to be in your account or say just for the purpose of random shots that you wouldn’t be needing past a some few days. Yet you didn’t really wish to do that for photos that you intend saving but just removed as you were releasing up space on your device. So Google photos will now ask you when you delete from your local storage if you want to delete from is cloud storage as well.

This is why it is actually splendid that this is not really an automatic option but an optional one.

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