Can you believe over 100 million voice calls are made in WhatsApp every day

WhatsApp has kidnaped us all for a ransom we can’t pay, hence almost no freedom. The Facebook social network boasts over a billion user base. It is one addiction which we are proud of, and coming online on WhatsApp daily is as regular as the sun paddling across the skies from the east every morning.

WhatsApp has actually been a bomb! This time detonated bomb was timed to blast up again by March last year when it fully launched voice calling for all Android users in March of 2015, moving on to extend this very lovable feature to iPhones about four weeks later.

And surely now yams are even kept on the fences of Facebook’s barn as the WhatsApp call feature has brought an overflow of fortune. Counting forward from March last year till now, the success of the WhatsApp calling feature is enough to get Zuckerberg needing stitches to his mouth to prevent a smile. As WhatsApp has revealed the statistics of this dazzling success revealing that WhatsApp users are as of now making over 100 million voice calls each and every day!

The amazing implication of this is that WhatsApp handles a number of calls exceeding 1,100 calls for every second – all day, every day. The company has revealed the success was way more than they had expected; pledging to even improve it across the next months.

Who knows with the improvement they are promising to make, we might even be to call God on WhatsApp!

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