Google enables new two-step ‘prompt’ log-in verification from your phone

Google wants to make your Google account as safe as paradise. Hackers have been finding ways to break into accounts as such Google is getting more dedicate to welding more barb wires to fence your account against any such hacker-burglary.

Google enables new two-step 'prompt' log-in verification from your phone

Now having made success with the two-step verification enabled on your Google account which is one very reliable approach to maintaining safety for your Google account, Google is taking one proactive step further in introducing another means to verification of your log-in attempts tagged a “Google prompt.” Now in company of the Google Authenticator app, text messages as well as security keys happen to be the active alternatives to simply verifying log-in attempts by means of unlocking a registered phone — the feature is up available for Google Apps accounts, also been generously extended to personal Google accounts as well.

Once enabled via the channel of Google security settings online, you have the choice of opting for your phone prompting you with a full-screen notifications at every interval a Google account log-in attempt was made. So when you simply click “yes” on your phone, Google interprets this as an authorized log-in attempt and proceeds to complete the log-in process. Now when you tap “no”, what Google perceives is an unauthorized attempt and terminates the log-in process. What is needed here is just a data connection on the phone as well as the most recent version of Google Play Services. It can equally be enjoyed on an iPhone making use of the Google Search app.

The new two-step option is not very dissimilar from Google’s Smart Lock feature which we have on the Chrome OS (the later being well functional as to unlocking your Chromebook in the condition that your registered phone is within Bluetooth range as well as being unlocked).

This fresh Google prompt two-step verification option erases the almost inconveniencing step of exercising patience for a text message or even opening an app in the form of Google Authenticator so as to input a code — everything you need do is get your phone close and have it enable security via a lock screen. It also equally work with the Google Authenticator (or possibly a third-party authenticator) app. The implication is that could enjoy multiple devices which have the capacity to manage log-ins. That is, this has absolved any make-up excuse you would have rushed to not having two-step verification enabled on your account.

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