Instagram now rocks 500 million users, with a dedicated daily user base of 300 million

Instagram must be on pills as it is gaining weighty drastically. From one small online clan when it started it has grown exponentially into one large domineering online city, if you remember just last September, Instagram loudly boasted to whoever cared to listen that it had amassed over 400 million monthly active users, ranting lovingly that it had added that delightful feather to its cap in less twelve month after hitting the 300 million number.

Instagram now rocks 500 million users, with a dedicated daily user base of 300 million

Fast forward to the present which is like around nine months after that, the Facebook-owned social network which has its focus on picture sharing is becoming fleshier with added pounds in weight. By the statistics now, Instagram’s user base is now over 500 million.

In addition to this, an amazing number of 300 million of those use Instagram daily on a consistent basis. This shows the religious dedication of Instagram’s users. As of now over 80% of Instagrammers do not reside in the US. This attesting to the how handsome the social media network has grown in the international audience.

Though if you measure this against other Facebook’s other properties, Instagram is quite behind as Facebook itself boats over 1.6 billion of them, and then WhatsApp on the other hand has leapt past past 1 billion, with Messenger maintaining a touching distance by
900 million.

Yet Instagram’s growth has been fast and furious. With the way Instagram is becoming a digital epidemic, I wouldn’t be shocked if my grandmother gets on board Instagram.

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