Tutorial: Adding a second Google account to your Android

At times it is really a matter of concern trying to keep all of your Google accounts in order on multiple devices. Now the bomb idea is why not have everything on a single device? Yes, this is actually possible as Android has enabled the magnificent reality of adding accounts, even up to sync accounts as well as removing accounts on your Android. Now let us go through the procedures together.

Now to start, we will have to Launch Settings from your Home screen, the Notification Shade or the the app drawer.

Okay, now Swipe up in the Settings menu so as to scroll down. If you have done that, tap on Accounts.

Simply click on Add Account. Follow that by tapping Google.
Okay, at this interval, you will be needed to input your email address in the denoted field. If you choose to, you could equally create a fresh account to be added.

Click on Next.Now put in your password.Click on Next.

Enter the 2-Step Verification code in the situation where you have it and click on Next.
Click on Accept so as to concede to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Now tap a billing information option.

Follow this by tapping Continue.

Now you are good to go; enjoying a second google account on your android!

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