Martin Missfeld Explains How Google Glass Works [Infographic]

No one knows much about the Google Glass, i.e. its final speculations and how it works. Artist Martin Missfeld has created an infographic that explains how Glass’s prism and projector system work.

Google Glass

As illustrated by the infographic, Google Glass is comprised by some of the hardware that would usually make up a smartphone, including a microphone, camera, battery, speakers and the CPU, in addition to a mini projector. Images from the mini projectors, which are cleverly hidden next to each of the lenses, are bounced off the prism straight into the user’s retina. This allows the user to see the world around them naturally, where “layers” of information can be displayed on top of it. As one would expect, the position of this augmented reality layer can be changed by simply repositioning the glasses.


One thing is for sure: We can’t wait to see curious geeks tear open Glass for everyone to see when it comes out later this year for “less than $1,500.”

Via: Brille-Kaufen

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