Quick Easy Tips to Prevent Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Facebook is the number one (1) social media website on the web, with billions of users. Every single day, millions of people from different part of the world access it on their various devices, be it computer, mobile phone, laptop and office workstation. At times, you might leave your Facebook account without logging out from the device where you accessed it from, which may leave your account to be accessible by strangers and this may make them mess up and do various kind of illicit act on your account. Apart from those who access your account behind you, hackers also find ways to hack your account by looking up your information on your timeline and many other ways. To prevent any of the possible attack from happening, you should try all your possible best to protect your account.

Prevent Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Here are some quick tips I believe will help you to prevent others from accessing your personal Facebook account and at the same time prevent your account from hackers.

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Tips to Keep Off Hackers From Your Facebook Account

  •  Make Sure you always log out your account whenever you are not using the service.
  • Go to your Facebook profile about page; make sure your information isn’t available to the public. Keep it to your friends only or you alone.
  • Make Sure you change your Facebook account password frequently [Tips to Create Strong, Secure and Easily Memorable Password].
  • Approve tag only with proper post you want to shown within timeline.
  • If you had liked a page publically, make this only visible to friends or just you by adjust settings for likes inside profile.
  • Remove tag from unwanted pictures, if you’re not approving it on timeline, you’ll be still there in tag list.
  • Never underestimate unauthorized access, always change your password if you’ve been notified for unauthorized access.
  • If you’re tagging a friend in post or photo, just keep this in mind that these posts are still available to view for your friends of friends.
  • Always check you are accessing facebook over a secured connection (https://).
  • Make less use of unwanted spammy apps, many spammy apps that automatically post spam on your timeline.
  • If you’re tagging a location with your posts, you’ll be on people were here list in location page.
  • Make sure you’re following all the steps, because it is better to prevent your Facebook account rather than searching everywhere for a solution to re-instate your account later.

I’ve I missed any tips? Share it with others via the comment box below.

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