Write your Name/Lover’s Name in Heart Shape

I love to impress my friends on all the social networking sites I registered with, by making some false impressions appear real to them. Facebook for instance, I update some funny statuses using this funny Facebook Status Generator. I update my status via any device name I wish, and I even use via my name most time with the help of auto update your Facebook status via any device. Whenever am chatting with friends, I send them colored texts with the help of Colored Texts Generator. I also use text turned upside down on my status and also use it to post on friends wall with the help of Flip Text App. The numbers of things I do to impress friends are endless, and mind you, it is not on Facebook alone, I just use Facebook as a case.

Write Name in Heart Shape

Today, I want to share how Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Google+ and other social networking sites users can generate a heart with the name they desired on it – as seen in the image above. Lovers can also use this simple web-based app to write their lover’s name in the heart shape. It’s a romantic way to show your partner you love him/her by sending it to them via email, Facebook Wall and any other means you can think of.

Enter any name in the generator above, and a heart shaped name will be created for you. You can copy this heart shaped and then use it anywhere you feel like using it.

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