Google to protect personal information of app users more

The safety and security of user personal data is relevant. Google is apt to make this as easy as possible.

Today, the world is in an age where mobile devices such as computers, phones and generally the internet have made it almost impossible to protect the personal data of the individuals who make use of them; in other words, their privacy is not guaranteed. Mobile apps especially are infamous for collecting information that they shouldn’t be collecting. In this particular regard, therefore, Google has announced that it has developed new measures that it will use to tackle the situation.

These fresh and innovative measures so developed are a part of Google’s Unwanted Software Policy, and the ultimate destination intended by Google for these (measures) is to provide users with information on such apps that are trying to collect information of their own so that users can be wary of them.


How would these happen?

Apps handling personal user information (such as user phone number or email), or device data will be necessary to prompt users and to engender providing their own privacy policy in the app.

This way, if an app sources and curates your personal information that is not related to the app’s usage in terms of functionality, then, preceding the gathering or collection of data and the transmission of the data, the app must focus on providing information on how the user data to be collected will be used and also create an avenue for the user to give his confirmatory approval on the use of such data collected.

From the plans being put in place by Google, these new protective regulations would be rolling in within 2 months. Apps who violate these rules as to the management of the personal data of users will be issued warning via Play Protect.


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