It seems Google Allo would be adding Gmail contact chat as well as multi-device support soon

Of all Google’s apps that are meant for chats and messaging, Allo has in the past undergone a distinctive catastrophe; an identity crisis of some sorts (not being able to clearly or plainly present its purpose). But courtesy of a targeted stretch of updates this year, Allo casts aside its strange Hangouts-meets-Google Assistant foundation and has become somewhat of a competition to other apps out there as Facebook Messenger and iMessage.

But the instantaneous messaging app has had one undeniably obvious limitation; and that is the necessity of a phone number to set it up. This random prerequisite has continued to restrain Allo in many different ways but most essentially; a user cannot sign in to the app using more than one device at a time and this is not the case with other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

Even though Google managed to ultimately bring Allo to web browsers, the certain need for a phone number forced the search engine to make use of an OR code system through the mobile app. Despite the fact that it does not entirely present difficulty in its set up, it comes to bear as being unreasonably complicated in comparison to Facebook and Apple alternatives.


The modest solution to this problem has always seemed most apparent; Allo users should sign up via Google account. It may have taken some time but it appears Google has been able to achieve that feat.

There are no official confirmations on the matter just yet, but confident reports reaching us show that the most recent build (version 24) unveiling an effective sequence for prospective future updates. One line reads, “Chat with Gmail contacts”, and yet another proposes that users will soon be able to find their friends in Allo by inputting a “name, email, or phone number.”

Furthermore, another thread states that users of Allo will “enjoy a continuous experience across Google services.”

Google is equally cooking a batch of updates that will protect and ensure the privacy of users on Android is secured. Earlier this week, there were reports that new rules have been put in place to ban apps from displaying ads on users’ lock screen.

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