You can now try out apps before downloading them in the Play Store

Some time ago last year, Google released an official announcement of Android Instant Apps. This Android Instant apps work in such a way that you can test your apps before the conventional download we know of. This was excellent as many of us always love tasting the garri, the groundnut and suya we buy beforehand. And Google giving us this opportunity is an excellent continuity of the indigenous culture of tasting first before purchase.

Developers exploring this Android Instant apps will squeeze their apps into packages with smaller capacity. This way you can test them having a taste of them without having to download them. So say if you happen to come across a random app, you don’t get to download it hurriedly without a confirmation of the quality of what you are getting into your phone.

Now, Google is executing its promise. These apps termed “Apps to Try Now” have now been rolled out to PlayStore. These apps can be instantly used by the user without the need for the normal download medium we know. So after having a sample experience of what the app is about and you probably don’t like saw, you can simply ignore the app and move on with your normal life. You are not uninstalling anything or flushing anything out of your phone.

For now, the apps to try out for free are quite limited but Google hopes more developers will eventually gain access to this platform, we don’t know yet if this service of tasting before pay would be extended to paid apps as well. All the same, this is a very big step for us!


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