Google to follow Apple’s step in lowering app subscription fee to 15 percent

It is a popular saying here in Nigeria that “follow who know road”. And now obviously Google finds no shame in following Apple’s road in this regard. Pertaining to app subscription, Google is plucking a leaf out of Apple’s book in lowering them.

If you remember mid last year, Apple revealed that they were making changes to their policy revolving around mobile subscriptions. Apple then slashed down its subscription fee from 30% to 15% as to the transaction fee. This way it would inspire developers to sell app subscriptions straight through the store. And the developers greatly loved it as demonstrated in the success that followed its adoption.

Call it long throat, but being a copycat is not forbidden in business and Google is imitating Apple in equally slashing down its subscription fee to begin in 2018. Developers will enjoy this kindness from Google only for customer subscriptions that have already on for 12 months. That is to say for the first year, the fee stays at 30% for the first 12 months.

The plan from Google is to stand up to the competition arising from the incentive Apple was doling to developers. Now more developers would be encouraged to offer subscriptions for their apps directly through the App Store.

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