Google+ profiles may no longer be required to post Play Store reviews

It is beginning to look like Google Play Store would no longer demand one to have a Google+ account before he write reviews. This news follows reports coming from users that the the +1 button is disappearing from the Play Store.

I certainly know this move will be appreciated by a wholesome number of users. Although I have actually come across some users who have already developed affection for Google+, it does not change the reality that Google+ still pisses a larger amount of people off. huge amount of people till despise it. One sad truth is that Google+ is specifically being made use of by techies, or even Google employees, or better persons with niche interests.

Actually for some time now, Google has putting the pieces together; trying to shift away from Google+. Even if you remember some time July of last year, Google had commenced the exercise of disconnecting Google+ from YouTube’s comments.

In fact just this last February, Google made a notable addition of Gamer IDs to Play Games coupled with the removal of Google+ requirement.

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