Tutorial:How much RAM does my PC need to work well and play good games

No PC user will argue the importance of RAM as a crucial hardware component deployed by your Windows 10 PC to store temporary data. These data will now be within quick reach of your software. This way there is lovely increase in the speed of processing sure to keep you from the frustration that gets you hitting your fists furiously on the table. In plain words, the larger the size of your RAM, the increased number of tasks your PC can do all at once.

How much RAM does my PC need to work well and play good games

Over time, I have seen a lot of laptop owners complain and agitate about their RAM. But the truth is the amount of RAM you need in your PC is majorly connected to what you intend using the PC for. So if it is for playing games, this for sure takes a large amount of RAM. Another thing that takes a good amount of RAM to is video editing.

To start with let us look at the amount of RAM your PC needs to work well for basic day to day activities. This brings us to the connection of the RAM size to the productivity of your PC.


How much RAM does my PC need to work well and play good games

In the case where you use your Windows 10 computer for everyday tasks like checking emails, word processing, surfing the internet, as well as playing your normal Solitaire, you don’t really need much RAM. Your normal 4GB would do. The very small hitch in performance you may come across is when you choose to carry all the aforementioned tasks at once,

Though majority of the budget PCs have the 4GB of RAM as their “follow-come” option, but it is not actually bad if you upgrade to 8GB especially if you want your laptop to go years. It doesn’t really matter if it is just light duties you are carrying out with your PC.



The next we will be looking at is playing games. Here we are not referring to Solitaire, Solitaire is not demanding at all. When we move over to heavy PC gaming, to maintain very acceptable performance levels really demands a mouthful amount of RAM- much I mean here. In face of heavy graphics games we have these days, lets say at least 8GB of RAM would do for your PC to last long. When it comes to very heavy games like No Man’s Sky and Star Wars Battlefront, 16GB is not elaborate or extravagant.

So in the case where you are a big lover of PC games, it will be cool if you get at least 16GB to make sure you have sufficient RAM for some trending game titles as those to come.

I hope this guide was helpful and your PC lasts till a cup of rice falls back to ten naira!

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