OneDrive for iOS gets spiced with ability to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

Just for those who don’t know, OneDrive is Microsoft’s personal storage. You get One drive get along with either a Microsoft account or Users of OneDrive basically use it to save documents, photos, as well as other files in the cloud. You could also share them with friends, as well as even getting a team collaboration on content.

Okay, so now Microsoft is pushing out a fresh update to OneDrive’s iOS client. The update enhances the app up to version to 7.8 such that One Drive for iOS adds on the capacity to create Word, PowerPoint files and Excel files from within the app.

Users have before now lodged their complaints about some disturbing bugs; and this update makes heavy attempt to resolve that. This is coming weeks on the heels of update which brought in fixes for a screen flashing bug introduced out by the Redmond, Washington-based company.

So now, you can proceed to download the version 7.8 of OneDrive’s iOS app from the App Store.

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