Hands-on Review: How good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7

At the start, Apple practically installed the iPhone as the monarch of mobile photography while Android was suffering. At it best what Android could capture was blurry garbage photos which you need very good eyes to see on Facebook. It is really marvelous how much Android has improved, now running photography shoulders with iOS. Surely it is not far from the truth at all to say S7 may be its most remarkable achievement yet.

Hands-on Review: How good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7

All the way from launching to shooting, the S7 impressively ticks the right boxes. Well it retains the quick camera opening feature which had its debut on the S6. That is you launch the camera app by the act of double-tapping the home button. For those deeply engrossed with Apple, it is also possible to open the camera when you swipe up on the lock screen.

For this category of Apple’s concubines and picture freaks, they will be drawn to the appeal of the expansive shooting modes presented in the S7. You could then shoot in a stripped down “Auto” mode; this will be suiting most times. Another way round this is going for increased control with “Pro.” This option gives you the avenue you to make adjustments to virtually everything an actual photographer would want to alter. This runs across focus, metering, ISO, aperture, white balance, as well as several other photo-y insider terms.

Hands-on Review: How good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7

But what is of immense importance here are the results, and the S7 doesn’t slack here.

Worth talking about here is the delicious capacity of the S7 to take pictures in low-light, with optical image stabilization not forgetting the industry-first f/1.7 aperture lens.

Though these very pictures may not meet your taste perfectly, it doesn’t change the truth that the S7 picture is by distance a more attractive shot owing to the fact that you can actually see the very precise details of the picture instead of a major part of it being hazy hidden in shadow as on the iPhone 6s. The reason behind this is the f/1.7 aperture lens brings in an increased amount of light as compared to the f/2.2 we get on the iPhone. In further comparison, the S7 captures 95% more light when put against S6’s camera we saw last year. You remember many of us fell deeply in love with the S6’s camera.

Hands-on Review: How good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7

Now the S7 also focuses at an incredible pace. Samsung nails this down to a change in the photo sensor. In the new S7 scenario, every pixel now does double duty—laced with the duty of focusing and capturing light all at the same time. The subtle tech terminology for this DSLR-level tech is Dual Pixel Autofocus.

Truth is you will be shackled with a hazy nightmare when you have your hands or camera on a moving subject or taking pictures in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. With no mincing of words, the S7 camera is absolutely fun presenting a functional smartphone camera which I had not really used before- no hype intended!

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