Copycat Instagram adds slide to zoom, double-tap to switch camera in video

Of course we know what “giraffing” in examination halls is. This is when one has an elastic neck flexible enough to stretch even two seats across to spy and copy. Sometimes the copying is so bad that one could write “please turn to the next page” midway a page and still continue writing on the page just because the person he is copying from had written that too; forgetting that the later had written this time at the end of his page before turning.

Copycat Instagram adds slide to zoom, double-tap to switch camera in video

Now giraffing is not only limited to examination halls, it is in industry as well especially the tech industry. Designs are habitually copied tearing a leaf forcefully from the book of the owner of his design. This was the case when Instagram had copied Stories from Snapchat. And now Instagram is no longer satisfied taking a leaf, Instagram is tearing as many from Snapchat to form a new book on its own.

The latest features Instagram is copying from Snapchat is the ability to zoom when you swipe your finger up and down in the course of recording video. You know on Snapchat, you will be required to press followed by holding the button so as to record a video. Now the very easy gesture of having the button pressed while easily sliding your finger up and down to zoom adorns its as quite one intelligent clever feature, Instagram is not disagreeing at all.

Another addition here is double tapping on the viewfinder. This switches between back and front camera. This functionality is well active when recording video with the app easily alternating between the feed from the back and front and back cameras.

You can get the update on Android and iOS. Photocopy e no easy. Guess not anymore 9ice!

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